Posible advertencia. Fase 2 [Possible Warning. Phase 2]. (2017)

Sound installation. Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum, Mexico City.

A tower crane was erected inside the main nave of the museum, which hoisted a structure derived from the installation “Possible warning, Phase 1” and moved it axially through the exhibition space. This structure functioned as a sound source in continuous movement and as a platform for two activations carried out by two musicians from the Mexican Noise scene who work with vocal improvisation, who were invited to each produce a sound piece, based on classic texts on terrorism selected by the artist.
Both sound pieces were recorded and edited as layers of sound superimposed on the sound generated in “Phase 1”, so the overall sound of the installation was increasing in complexity.

Invited musicians were Carmina Escobar, who worked on quotes from Piotr Kropotkin and Jean-Paul Sartre; and Rogelio Sosa, who worked on a quote from Maurice Blanchot.

Those texts can be read here.