Texts from Possible Warning. Phase 2


Text worked on by musician Rogelio Sosa:

It is necessary that a revolution occurs, because a regime that controls everything, which has its roots everywhere, must be not modified, but suppressed and demolished. It is necessary that this revolution be violent, because from a people as weak as ours, the forces and passions of a renewal cannot be gotten by decent measures, but only by bloody clashes, through a storm that will disturb it in order to awaken it . We know that this does not bring any rest, but more precisely because there is no need to rest here. That is why terrorism is currently shown to us as a public health method.
Maurice Blanchot, 1936

Texts worked on by musician Carmina Escobar:

In the first moments of the rebellion, it is necessary to kill: to kill a European is to kill two birds with one stone, to suppress both an oppressor and an oppressed: there remains a dead man and a free man; the survivor, for the first time, feels the land of his nation under his feet.
That irrepressible violence is not an absurd tempest nor the resurrection of savage instincts nor even an effect of resentment: it is man recomposing himself.
No benignity will erase the signs of violence, only violence can destroy them.
Jean-Paul Sartre, 1961
Individual or collective acts of protest – qualified as terrorists – are inevitably carried out against the current social organization. In non-revolutionary periods, they usually indicate a social awareness and raise the desire for independence of the masses. They provide an example of individual heroism at the service of a social cause awakening the majority of indifferent people.
Piotr Kropotkin, 1906