Destino incierto [Uncertain Destiny]. 2022
Installation. Museum of Abstract Art, Zacatecas, Mexico. Wood sculptures, prints (woodcut), texts, previous action.
Interdisciplinary project in which sculpture, installation, engraving, performance and literary references converge.
Five texts that allude to exile and migration function as discursive axes that the artist confronts through sculptural and printing techniques.
A performative action centred on physical effort and the uncertainty of an occupied site, emphasises this confrontation and at the same time completes the spatiality of the work.

Texts are:
acá no queda nada [nothing remains here] (Piglia)
nunca se puede regresar  [one can never go back] (E.J.)
llegar a terreno hostil [to reach hostile terrain] (E.J.)
no somos iguales a nosotros mismos [we are not the same as ourselves] (Séneca)
cuidado con el país que no existe [beware of the country that does not exist] (Gelman)