Posible advertencia. Fase 1 [Possible Warning. Phase 1]. 2016.

Sound installation

Structure of scaffolding and sound system, located in the center of the Main Nave of the Ex Teresa Arte Actual museum, in Mexico City.
To activate this work, three musicians from the Mexican Noise scene who work with vocal improvisation were invited to produce each one a sound piece, based on classic texts about war selected by the artist. The musicians played live, located on top of the structure. The three sound pieces were recorded and edited as superimposed layers of sound and the result was the soundtrack of the installation.

Musicians: Rodrigo Ambriz, Julian Bonequi and Bárbara Lázara, quien a su vez invitó a Geni Rocha (Brasil) y Constanza Piña (Chile).

Texts selected by the artist can be read here.